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Announces Marketing Campaigns for Crypto Projects and Much More

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Next 100X Gems has already earned a mammoth of members who trust it as the largest cryptocurrency review and news site in the sector.



“As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it attracts fresh waves of investors who are prone to scams and other vulnerabilities prevalent in the crypto industry. To counteract this, we have created a welcoming and helpful community that collaborates to analyze projects’ features and shortcomings” 

As we say, The fast-expanding market will surely continue to evolve, but one thing will always remain constant. “We will continue to welcome new individuals and projects into our community and learn about  cryptocurrencies together.


What Services we're Providing

Affiliate Program

Currently we are working with @MEXC_GLOBAL  @Billance_Global & many more

Project Promotion

We work with several BIG Crypto projects like FEG Token, BabyDoge, NanoDoge, ShibNobi, EverRise, Lovely Inu Finance & more..

Market Analysis

We regularly share Technical Analysis(TA), Latest market news. 

It will help you to understand the current market situation.

What My Clients Says


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